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Many factors are considered when choosing the right hair loss solution for you: life style, hair style, budget, and length of time you will need this solution. No matter which solution is for you, we know that when you look your best, you are more confident.

WIGS: We have 2 wig galleries that offer you privacy. During our first conversation, we will determine your goal and what products may be the best solution for you. Next, you will try on many difference styles to determine what you like. If we have your color on site, you can leave with it that day. A special order takes approximately a week, but we can expedite if you are already experiencing hair loss. When starting Chemotherapy, it is always best if you come in prior to losing your hair so we can see the style, texture, and color of your hair. Although we have staff on-site that is able to alter, thin and trim your wig while you wait, we always recommend that you come back after you have lost your hair to have the fit of the cap checked. Most insurance companies cover the cost of a wig if due to chemotherapy or alopecia. If you would like to check if you have the benefit the code for a hair prostheses/wig is A9282. Medicare does not cover the cost of a wig.

PARTIAL HAIR REPLACEMENT: We again will discuss with you the many factors to consider when choosing a partial hair piece which is best for you. In addition to lifestyle and budget, we will need to determine the various options of attaching the partial hair piece. For example: with clips, tape or bonded. Although there are many great stock products, some people choose to have custom units made. During this process we create a mold of your scalp; we determine the size of the unit and the type of hair you would like.

HATS &  HEADWEAR: We stock a variety of headwear coverings. They are comfortable, soft and fashion forward. We also have a large selection of hair halos and hats with hair sewn into them, and for those who enjoy the sun we offer a large selection of hats that offer SPF protection.


We stock over 1,000 beautiful, natural looking wigs, offering both human and synthetic hair from 12 different manufacturers.

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Partial Hair Replacement

There are many options for people experiencing thinning hair like female pattern baldness or areas of hair loss such as alopecia areata.

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Hats & Headwear

Often people like alternative solutions to wigs. We carry a large selection of head wraps, scarves, hats, hair halos, and more. You’ll love our selection!

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We are dedicated to improving quality of life by providing products and services that restore personal image and