lymphedema solutions

Breast surgery often requires a biopsy or removal of lymph nodes. Anytime lymph nodes are surgical accessed, you are at risk for developing lymphedema. Often compression sleeves and gloves are recommended by doctors for both preventative and symptomatic lymphedema.

We are certified to measure both off-the-shelf and custom compression sleeves, gloves and gauntlets, inventorying all sizes of Juzo. In addition, we offer night-time Solaris compression sleeve solutions to replace night-time wrapping.

We also stock post-surgical compression bras and vests for post-surgical swelling and lymphedema. Swell spots can also aid in moving lymphatic fluid, available in many shapes and size.

Arm Sleeves

We have several options of arm sleeves, in different colors, styles for mild, moderate, and severe lymphedema.

Compression Bras

Designed to stabilize breast tissue during the healing process and maintain breast shape post-surgery.

TributeNightâ„¢ Nightwear

Don’t lose sleep over lymphedema. TributeNightâ„¢ custom garments keep you comfortable throughout the night.

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